About this Blog

Howay Man Get Happy is a blog about my personal experiences with mental health and mental illness. I originally started this blog as, despite being involved in a lot of mental health awareness and anti-stigma campaigns, I still find it extremely difficult to speak about my own emotions to my friends and family (as so many people do). The stigma that surrounds mental illness has become something of a prison, stopping millions around the world from speaking out about their own problems and seeking the help they need to start recovery, and I am determined  to help break some of these shackles made by society’s widely uneducated view of mental health. I have always loved writing and thought a blog would be a great way to creatively  express my emotions and feelings to help me face my own problems and to hopefully encourage other people to get talking about mental health and normalise it as a common issue in our society.


I am new to the blogging game and a self-confessed technophobe so it is probably going to be a little bit rough around the edges but hopefully I can manage to spread the word of mental health awareness and promote good mental health at least semi-coherently without the help of fancy fonts.

Wish me luck!

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